Kill-A-Watt Meter Rental

Kill A Watt Meters Help CBEC Customers Save Energy and Money

CBEC Customer-Owners now have FREE access to a device that can help reduce their energy usage and save money on their electric bills. The Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor allows people to track the electric usage of devices in their home when they are turned on, and also tracks “phantom” loads, generated when electrical devices are turned off but still plugged in. 

Did you know that plasma screen TVs use roughly 60% more power than LCD TVs? Where it might cost $2.00/month to run a 19” standard color TV, it would cost $15/month to run an LCD TV and $24/month to run a plasma TV.

The Kill A Watt  also allows you to program in the CBEC rate, thereby displaying projected operating costs by hour, day, week, month, or year. This gives a better understanding of what each device actually costs to use.

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Where to Rent a Kill A Watt Meter

  • Two meters available for pick-up at the CBEC office in Heppner.