The Budget Billing Plan

It's Simple...... it's a Rolling Average!

Over the course of a year, your monthly electric bill goes up and down, depending on the amount of energy you use. We know balancing your budget can be difficult when your utility bill is high one month and low the next. That's why CBEC offers Budget Billing. With Budget Billing, your CBEC electric bills remains about the same all year long. Budget Billing "levels" out your billings. 

How Budget Billing Works For You!

The Budget Billing Plan works by averaging your last twelve months' usage history to arrive at an estimated annual bill. The estimated annual bill is divided by twelve to calculate your initial monthly budget bill amount. The budget bill will be analyzed periodically and may be adjusted anytime. There will be no surprise "catch-up" month.

Questions & Answers About Budget Billing

Q. Who qualifies for the Budget Billing Plan?

Consumers that have resided at the same location for twelve continuous months, with appropriate credit with CBEC. CBEC consumers who desire payment on the budget plan must make application to the Heppner office by May 1 each year. 

Q. What happens if I miss a Monthly Budget Payment?

The Budget Billing Plan will only work for you if you pay the monthly budget amount each and every month. If you miss a monthly budget payment, your account may be removed from the plan, and all arrears will become payable immediately. 

Q. Why should I switch to the Budget Billing Plan?

No more wondering and guessing what your electric bill will be. 
It's easier for you to plan monthly expenses when you know what your average budget payment is. 
If you will be out of town when your electric bill is due, you'll know the amount to pay in advance.